2 Legendary Contests To Give Your DVD Player Chills!

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2 Legendary Contests To Give Your DVD Player Chills!

Win Friday The 13th DVD autographed and personalized by writer Victor Miller, Royal Flush Book 5 and your work featured on!

Royal Flush Magazine and the Legendary Victor Miller have put together two super fantastic contests for you puny mortals. As well all know, Victor Miller is the creator of Friday The 13th. He single handedly started one of the most popular if not the most popular horror series to this day.

Miss Voorhees I presume…
Ever wonder what Mrs. Voorhees would look like as a hot teenager? Us neither but Victor Miller does. Create it any way you’d just make sure we know it’s her. Maybe you can include some classic Friday The 13th paraphernalia. Draw, Photoshop, MS Paint, etc.

Tell me a story
Think you can write a thriller? Think you can scare us good in under 300 words? Well write us some horror, must have a beginning and an end.
Judged by Victor Miller !

How to Enter

  1. Go to and Add Royal Flush Magazine to your Top 4. Royal Flush must be in your Top 4 to claim your prize.
  2. Submit your story and/or artwork in the blog comments. You may also submit work directly to me at

You must be my friend and Flush’s friend in order to enter. Contest Deadline is Nov. 13th…scary! Winners will be notified via MySpace.

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up on my MySpace or email me at LilNubi@RoyalFlushMagazine.Com. Until next time, keep your nose clean and put down the toilet seat when you’re finished!