Swiftpoint GT Highly-Portable Mouse Review

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Swiftpoint GT Highly-Portable Mouse Review


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Some may consider the Swiftpoint GT a tough sell at $140. After a full run-through of what the Swiftpoint GT comes with and what the mouse itself is capable of, I became a believer. All of the accessories you’ll ever need for the Swiftpoint GT come neatly contained in a protective carrying case. Never be out of power thanks to the ridiculously fast charge time of 30 seconds for an hour’s worth of use. Additional included nubs just increases the longevity of your investment here.

Many of the fanciest of office mice and peripherals now days run in the $100’s. One example being the Logitech Performance MX ($99), which I’ve been using in the office for about 4 years now. A power users thrive with devices like that, just as one will here with the Swiftpoint GT. The Swiftpoint GT not only rewards the power user but the casual traveler even more with its compact, comfortable, and functionality injected package. All of the drivers and customizability come straight from the mouse with just a flick of the switch.

If you’re in the market for a proper productivity-enhancing utility or a nifty travel companion, you need to check out the Swiftpoint GT. Definitely look into deeper into the Swiftpoint GT here:


† Review unit and several product/model images provided by Swiftpoint.