Swiftpoint GT Highly-Portable Mouse Review

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Swiftpoint GT Highly-Portable Mouse Review

Accessories and Additional Features

The Swiftpoint GT comes with a complete set of accessories that helped promote its overall worth.

As the Swiftpoint GT can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or through its USB dongle, the included USB dongle is actually magnetic, allowing the mouse to dock onto it with ease. This is not only how the mouse receives its charge, but it also leads into another note-worthy feature of the Swiftpoint GT. The Swiftpoint GT can run for an hour on just 30 seconds of charging or for 2 weeks on 2 hours of charge-time. Clearly, a point for portability as you should never have to worry about charging this mouse on the go. The magnetic hold is also quite strong, so you can simply dock your mouse and move with your laptop to your next meeting quickly.

However, if you’re worried about a protruding mouse sticking out of your laptop and slamming into a door, you can also try out this included adhesive dock accessory. One end sticks to your laptop where you see fit, and a magnet on the other end holds your Swiftpoint GT in place. I tried shaking my Surface Pro 3 with the Swiftpoint GT connected to the USB dongle and again with the adhesive dock accessory. While I still recognize that the mouse can still potentially snag on surfaces if you’re not careful, it seemed that only impractically violent laptop shakes or swings loosened the Swiftpoint GT from its hold. (Don’t worry, I tried this by cushions, I’m not a monster.)


Need an emergency mouse pad? Have a laptop with a palm rest surface that’s unfriendly to mouse sensors? Well, interestingly enough the Swiftpoint GT also comes with a mini mouse pad that adheres to your laptop’s palm rest. With little space needed to effectively maneuver with the Swiftpoint GT, you should be ready to go. Last but not least, you are awarded with additional stylus nibs, a cleaning cloth, and a hard protective case to protect all of your accessories and the Swiftpoint GT itself.

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