Swiftpoint GT Highly-Portable Mouse Review

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Swiftpoint GT Highly-Portable Mouse Review

Set-up and Use

Set-up is fast and straight-forward. Just connect the USB dongle or follow the 2-step Bluetooth 4 pairing instructions and you can start using the Swiftpoint GT as a standard mouse right out of the box. If you want to do some additional tweaking, just ensure that the computer you’re using is connected to the internet and flip the switch on the bottom of the Swiftpoint GT to “CONFIG”…

The mouse will open up a screen with options for you to configure your device, download an experience enhancement driver, or just get a tutorial on how to use the configuration tool.  Here you can make changes to how the gestures behave upon other options.

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The stylus, more so than the Swiftpoint GT’s other buttons, took the longest to get used to within the 20-minute learning curve. You have to learn what angles are not friendly to the stylus, of which there were not many. At what appears to be a modest 10-degree wrist turn, scrolling excel spreadsheets, zooming on webpages, switching applications, and even initiating the Windows 8 Charms menu all become accessible to you. I have to say, I was surprised at how well the stylus simulated touch gestures once I got it down. Gestures feel natural in situations where scrolling and re-sizing were a constant need. Not to mention the stylus rolls and feels smooth on pretty much any surface but excels on mouse-friendlier surfaces.

The touch gesture features (scrolling, zooming, application switching, and Windows 8 Charms menu) can even be used on machines that are not using touch-ready screens, just as long as the machine is one of the above listed operating systems. I tried out the Swiftpoint GT on a Windows 7 machine and I was able to successfully use all of the touch gestures out of the box, save of course the motion for the Charms menu. Makes sense since the Charms menu is only available in Windows 8 and later.

Overall, the mouse tracked quite well on most surfaces and it played nice on various laptop palm-rests. As I use mice on high sensitivity settings even while not gaming, I set the sensitivity for the Swiftpoint GT to the max. Its 1250 DPI sensor was able to get the job done even on the very little space available on the Surface Pro 3’s keyboard palm rest.

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