Swiftpoint GT Highly-Portable Mouse Review

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Swiftpoint GT Highly-Portable Mouse Review

Build and Ergonomics

20141213 Swiftpoint Final-4

What seems like a claw-gripper’s nightmare is actually a right-handed pen-holder’s delight. Ergonomically designed to be held as a pen, the Swiftpoint GT doesn’t fatigue the user after long periods of use. Made mostly out of plastic, the Swiftpoint GT has rubber coating for wherever your fingers would come in contact with. This allowed for a sturdy and comfortable grip, perfect for holding the mouse as you would a pen.

In what seems like less than a half-hour’s time, you can eventually and subconsciously utilize the Swiftpoint GT’s buttons, scroll wheel, and stylus with minimal to no effort. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and I can report no fatigue after long term use. As a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 user, I was able to make the best out of smaller, more-confined workspaces when using the Swiftpoint GT. As this isn’t your typical mouse, so minor adjustments need to be made in how you use traditional mice. The most immediate adjustment was made between the traditional left-click and right click buttons.

As you see here, the left-click button wraps from the top to the front. As the button you would click the most, it was the perfect place for an index finger to sit while holding the Swiftpoint GT. The right-click button sits behind the left-click and allows for easy transition between the two with your index finger. For the scroll wheel, I wasn’t sure if I were to reach for it with my index or middle finger, but either method works. The scroll wheel has a strong feel to it with just the right amount of resistance.

Right-Side View

Navigating the most common buttons were no problem at all. Now to get a little fancier. In the next section, we’ll touch on the touch gestures…

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