CES 2015 Unveiled

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CES 2015 Unveiled


And finally, no tech experience is complete without me finding a 3D printer. Let me introduce you to the Nobel 1.0 which is being touted as the most affordable and approachable High Resolution 3D printer. We took a quick look at the samples and were honestly impressed. Want to see what I mean, simply check out the photos below:

The Nobel 1.0 specifications:

  • Print technology: Stereolithography Apparatus, SLA
  • Printer’s Size: 11” x 13” x 23.8”
  • Printer’s Weight: 21 lb/9.6 kg
  • Display: 2.6” FSTN LCM
  • Connectivity of Device: USB Wire , USB Stick
  • OS: Windows 7+ (PC), Mac OSX 10.8
  • Layer thickness: X/Y Axis Resolution: 300microns, Z Axis: 25 microns
  • Material Properties: Photopolymer Resin

I was unable to find a direct link to the printer but your can visit their official website to find about more.