CES 2015: Panasonic Press Conference Highlights

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CES 2015: Panasonic Press Conference Highlights

International CES® is about one day away at this point. This morning we got a chance to sit in and view the Panasonic press conference which highlighted some of the latest innovations that will be showcased at their booth. The press conference was just a mere glimpse at the vast products Panasonic as to offer. Glossing over the latest innovations in automotive, audio, home entertainment and beauty.  Let’s take a quick look at the highlights.

Panasonic CES 2015 Press Conference
Julie Bauer, President at Panasonic (the Panasonic Consumer Electronics Corporation of North America), Panasonic CES 2015 Press Conference

We’ll begin with a ton of announcements from Julie Bauer, President at Panasonic (the Panasonic Consumer Electronics Corporation of North America). She highlighted the fact Panasonic has shifted their thinking a bit. They have begun to build products around consumer lifestyles. Each one being broken up into one of the five following categories: Adventure, Entertainment, Digital Imaging, Television and Beauty. Panasonic has a growing social media and online presence as well as seeing the growth of their online business almost double in the last year. They have even created notable experiences that highlighted the use of various Panasonic products at events like BeautyCon, Spartan Race, and New York Fashion Week. Alternative showcasing is how Panasonic is being able to create unique interactive experiences that allow Panasonic to directly interact with the consumer. Julie Bauer also highlighted key partnerships with Lifetime Fitness Centers across the United States as well as touting a New York City Triathlon sponsorship. Panasonic is poised to be everywhere it can possibly be it seems.

Afterwards, Julie began to show off their consumer product highlights. First was the LUMIX cameras including the CM1 communication camera, which is a full-fledged digital camera with high-speed mobile communication capability (LTE), as well as new mirrorless single-lens system cameras†.  From there is was all about the  camcorders. Panasonic will be the first manufacturer to bring consumers 4K quality home recording. The WX970/VX870 series with 4K30p capability on a compact body and the world’s first high dynamic range composition (HDR) recording function†.

Additionally, Panasonic will be bringing back Technics Audio brand to North America. Technics Hi-Fi audio systems will be released in North America starting in March and will include the Technics R1 Reference-Class System and the Technics C700 Premium-Class System.

Panasonic also revealed new connected home products. These new deck based home monitoring system provide safety and security in four simply easy-to-install expandable packages. With no monthly, there will be both indoor and outdoor cameras available with remote monitoring features that allows you to customize your home security set up to your needs. The Do-It-Yourself home monitoring system is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled by your smart phone. The system is available now at Panasonic.com and through HSN later this year.

Panasonic CES 2015 Press Conference
Mozilla’s Andreas Gal, the CTO for Mozilla, Panasonic CES 2015 Press Conference

Moving on to 4K products, Panasonic also developed the Blu-ray Disc playback technology that supports the latest technologies such as 4K and High Dynamic Range that are expected to be included in the next-generation Blu-ray Disc standard† bringing crisp true to life quality in high dynamic ranged content to our homes. Panasonic’s 4K Ultra TVs feature LED picture quality with 98% of the DCI Color Space brings consumer televisions one step closer to what directors intended us to view. Additionally, Mozilla’s Andreas Gal, the CTO for Mozilla, announced the integration of Firefox OS coming to Panasonic TVs. Panasonic is the first to bring Firefox OS to a new line of TVs. The interactive interface will allow consumers the opportunity to customize their content.

Finally, Panasonic mentioned innovations in indoor vegetable gardens, a gluten free bread maker, a microwave with cyclonic inverter technology that bring delicious and efficient meals, and a Virtual Mirror with the ability to detect fine lines and age spots while recommending products as well allowing consumers the ability to virtual try on makeup.

Panasonic CES 2015 Press Conference
Jim Doyle, Panasonic’s President of Enterprise Solutions, Panasonic CES 2015 Press Conference

Julie Bauer then introduced Jim Doyle, Panasonic’s President of Enterprise Solutions. Jim highlighted some notable Panasonic accomplishments like the revamped the NASDAQ video board in Times Square for example. Connected experiences with an integrated suite of software and hardware innovations. We were amazed to see Jim Doyle present a transparent window screen prototype able to project high contrast video and presentations. Even in brightly lit rooms this transparent window will be able to bring a whole new a experience to the typical office meeting.

Jim Doyle ended the Panasonic press conference with highlights from their Eco solutions business.  With North American solar generated energy plants and the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town (SST). The SST currently has four thousand people living there and was built from the ground up with lower CO2 emissions and is able to provide the town with three days of electricity in the event of a disaster that may cut off power.

Panasonic had a lot to highlight this morning and we can’t wait to take a closer look once the CES show floor opens tomorrow.