CES 2014 – TYLT ENERGI 5K Battery Pack

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Every time I see someone with a clunky phone cover that is actually an expanded battery pack, I cringe. I can never understand why people choose to ruin the aesthetic of their phones for the sake of prolonging their device’s battery life. If either you’re using an external battery park cover or know someone who is, it might be time to learn about a better option. A more convenient option that allows you the ability to stayed powered while on the go but can free you or your friends from the chains of bulky phone covers forever! Let me introduce you to TYLT’s ENERGI™ 5K Battery Pack.

The ENERGI 5K Battery Pack is an extremely slim and ultra-lightweight external battery pack. It features a rechargeable 5,200mAh internal battery and easily allows you to simultaneously charge two devices. Through the use of the ENERGI 5K Battery Pack‘s built-in USB port and embedded micro-USB cable, you can either charge the device through the cable or using your own device’s USB cable. In fact, I was constantly able to get multiple cellphone charges from just one full charge of the ENERGI 5K Battery Pack.

I can’t live without it now. It is light enough to carry around with me from day to day and never needing to remember to bring a USB cable with me is a great relief. Additionally, since I can charge my phone multiple times on a single charge, the ENERGI 5K Battery Pack is always ready and waiting to keep me going whenever I may need it.  The ENERGI 5K Battery Pack stands apart from other external battery packs in capacity, size, weight and overall performance. While I may have other battery packs available at my disposal, I still turn to the ENERGI 5K Battery Pack time and time again.

The ENERGI 5K Battery Pack is available right now for $79.99 via TYLT’s online store in three different band colors: Red, Blue and Gray.

Also available in an Apple device variant with a built-in Lightning & Micro-USB Cables and Universal USB Port called the ENERGI 5K+ Battery Pack. Available for $89.99 via TYLT’s online store and is available in three different band colors: Red, Blue and Gray.


  • Ultra lightweight and slim
  • Rechargeable 5,200mAh internal battery
  • 3 Amp circuit charges two devices simultaneously
  • Features a built-in micro-USB port, USB port, and embedded micro-USB cable
  • No need to carry around a cable
  • Ability to charge two devices simultaneously
  • Certified Battery, meaning can be used for years “with minimal degradation and without worries of safety†”


  • Even though it has an LED indicator, it’s kind of hard to know exactly how much charge is left
  • The built-in micro-USB and USB ports aren’t covered so there is a potential for dust particles to gather

[box type=”info”] This product was provided by TYLT for review consideration. All opinions are 100% honest. This is not a compensated post.[/box]