CES 2014: STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13″

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STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13

Let’s take a look back to CES 2014 where we first got introduced to STM. STM is an Australian based company that offers a wide variety of bags and protective cases that don’t scream out “Hey, look! I’ve got a laptop in here!” like a few other bags out there do. When it comes to laptop bags, we all ultimately dream to find one that is lightweight, filled with tons of pockets to stow away stuff and, more importantly, has protection  for our  precious mobile devices. At CES 2014, STM blew me away with their vast sampling of bags and cases that appeared to have everything I was looking for. Therefore, let us take a look at one of STM’s product offerings: the Grip for the MacBook Air 13″.

STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13"
Image from the STM Bags Grip Product Page

For a long while I was perfectly fine with carrying around my MacBook Air without any cover. I thought that since the MacBook Air is so slim and lightweight, I didn’t see why I would need a protective cover for it. I thought it would just ruin the overall aesthetic of the laptop. However, I don’t exactly remember when but I was starting to notice slight dings and scratches on the laptop body as well as pressure marks on the monitor. As you can tell by now, I wasn’t too careful with my MacBook Air for some reason. Eventually, that led me to purchase a SeeThru Speck case for my MacBook Air. Not only was it difficult to install but I seemed to have banged it against a wall or something and it eventually cracked. Overall, I’m not really sure how this case was supposed to keep my laptop safe if it couldn’t survive one tiny fumble. Now we go back to CES 2014 and why I’m glad that I stumbled upon STM.

The STM Bags Grip is made from moulded tactical plastic with a soft micro suede lining that keeps dust away from the aluminum body of the MacBook Air. Not only is it simple to install, and remove, but I am extremely more confident now while carrying my laptop around. The Grip’s textured finish helps keep my laptop from slipping around on my lap. I’m not afraid that the MacBook Air will slip out of my hands accidentally. What is more impressive is the fact that the Grip never felt hot after a full day’s use since it features an integrated rear vent to dissipate heat. This was a major concern for me since I often spend more than 8 hours a day on my laptop and heat was emanating from the air was noticeable whenever I was using it while charging. None of the ports are obstructed and the Grip maintains the overall svelteness of the MacBook Air.

Below are a few shots of the case which illustrate how the case looks once installed on the MacBook Air as well as a look at the micro suede lining that is inside the Grip.

STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13" STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13" STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13" STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13"
STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13"

Overall, the Grip is lightweight, simple to install, and it’s hardshell body helps protect your MacBook Air from daily abuse. If you are at all concerned about your laptop’s protection, the Grip is worth checking out. It is available in three colors: Pink, Blue and Black. 

For additional information, pricing and where to buy retail locations, please visit STM Bags Grip for MacBook Air 13″ product page.

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