[Review] Urbanears Bagis and Plattan

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[Review] Urbanears Bagis and Plattan

To say I review a lot of headphones would be a grave understatement. Like I have said countless times before, audio is key to any experience so it’s only natural that I would gravitate more towards trying out various headsets. Today, I introduce you, once again, to Urbanears; a line of headphones that are not only stylish but highly affordable. Today we take a deeper look into the Bagis and Plattan Headsets.


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Design • There is a wealth of styles available for anything from ear buds to standard headphones. From the line, I will specifically talk about the Bagis and Plattan Headsets. First, let’s chat about the similarities found across the Urbanears brand. All styles, including the Bagis and Plattan, are available in various colors and all feature a unique functional feature that sets them each apart. For example, the Bagis buds are able to snap together to prevent tangling while the Plattan is collapsible. Additionally, both come with a fabric cable as well as a push button remote that starts and stops playing music or phone calls as well as a microphone.

And before I forget to mention, there’s a special function of the Plattan headphones that allows you to daisy chain headsets together. This is a nifty function for folks that tend to take long trips and want to watch videos or listen to music together. Without having to remember to bring a splitter with you, you can share your audio experience with someone else simply by plugging your headphones into the Plattan headset and you’re all set. That’s pretty damn convenient if you ask me!

Sound • The Bagis and Plattan have amazing sound. Both are able to enhance bass and do get pretty loud at higher volumes. This is comparable to most higher-end headphones actually and, in my case, are actually more comfortable to listen to than my trusty pair of Shure. In the sound department, both offer excellent sound for anyone who adores deep rich bass sounds.

Cost • The Plattan is $59.99 while the Bagis is $34.90 and are readily available online via the Urbanears website.

Bottomline • Between the Bagis and the Plattan, I choose the Bagis simply because I prefer ear buds over regular headphones any day. But the low price point and the readily available colors makes it simple to any pairs of Urbanears headphones to anyone. They are comparable to higher end headphones and their unique features make them all that much more special.


Company and product information was provided by Urbanears’s official website, as well as images.
Products were provided by Urbanears for review consideration except for the Plattan, that was purchased for review.