CES 2013 – Samsung Press Conference and Demos

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Samsung CES 2013

Samsung CES 2013 Press Conference

At CES 2013, we got to sit in on Samsung’s Press Conference and got demos of their latest and greatest handheld devices. Surely, the Galaxy III is pretty mainstream amongst a large chunk of Android enthusiasts, and the Note 10.1 and II have been out for some time now. Still, wouldn’t you rather hear Samsung themselves talk about it? And you can comb through the almost 50 minute conference with ease with these handy-dandy cliffsnotes!

Samsung Press Conference

After some introductions spiced with reminders of Samsung’s successes and power, a selection of Samsungs latest innovations were presented by the company’s big wigs such as Tim Baxter – President of Samsung Electronics America (SEA) and Michael Abary – SVP of SEA. They started off by showing their powerhouse TV’s. First up, the Samsung LED 8000 stars as Samsung’s first television with a quadcore processor. Why quadcore? Well the unit comes loaded with the “new” SMART Hub chock full of a growing list of Samsung apps that you can control with body gestures, voice interaction or simply a remote control. As you’d imagine on a tv, many of those apps would be video-streaming apps, so the unit supports the HEVC codec (a common video-streaming style). The TV also sports S. Recommendation, a feature that will suggest viewing titles, shows, etc. based on what people have been viewing so far. This TV model will be available in sizes ranging from 46 “ to 75 “.

Samsung CES 2013 Press Conference             Samsung CES 2013 Press Conference

Another model they brought out was their OLED TV. This TV shows two displays simultaneously, with both images blended together to Samsung CES 2013 Press Conferenceencapsulate the one whole screen. Sounds and looks ridiculous, well until you wear the included pairs of specialized glasses that perfectly separates the display and audio (plays from the glasses), depending on which of the two simultaneous broadcasts each person wants. No more fights for the pretty living room TV. Each person can be in their own world on the same couch. Imagine one person on Xbox and the other on football. Sure, both people would still yell at the TV, but the reasons would be different.

And last but not least was the behemoth Samsung UHD TV coming in with 88 “ and 110 “ displays. (First image at the top of the page.) Samsung boasted the resolution to have 4 times the amount of pixels of traditional LED displays.

Do you currently own a Samsung 7000, 8000, or 9000 Series TV that is making you wish that you waited a little bit longer for the 2013 specs? Samsung reminded everyone that their Samsung Evolution Kit puts this worry to rest. Now early adopters can enjoy the same software features and processing power of the 2013 models by simply snapping a brick-sized box to the back of their 2012 TV. The live demo at the conference showed it to be as quick as it seems. (He slapped a box to the back of the tv and smiled at us.) A slap to the face of competitors (Apple?) known for rolling out new devices that render previous models obsolete or early-adopters jealous.

Samsung CES 2013 Press Conference

Steering away from TV’s, they presented all of their latest top-of-line PC’s, Series 7 Ultra and Chronos, and the Series 7 Touch Monitor. Also shown were the cameras: Smart Camera 2.0 and NX300. The Smart Camera 2.0 continues the “Smart camera” line that is known for fast sharing when taking pictures thanks to wireless capabilities. The NX300 is a compact powerhouse, with a 45 mm lens capable of both 2D and 3D pictures with the same lens. They also quickly announced that the Galaxy Note 10.1 (a tablet that I probably use 40 hours a week) will be released for Verizon with 4G LTE capability.

Live Demos

Galaxy Note 10.1 – Jelly Bean Update hits the US

Now that I mentioned my favorite Samsung gadget, its necessary that I mentioned that  Android Jelly Bean updates have begun progressing throughout the US this week in an over-the-air update. I personally received my update overnight on Tuesday morning. Aside from smoothing-out the basic overall use of the tablet itself, it came loaded with new multitasking functionality and powered up the accompanying S Pen. Seeing is believing, so can hear it straight from a Samsung rep at CES as we did here…

Galaxy Note II

We cannot forget about the famous “phablet” little brother that was released late 2012. We were sure to have another Samsung rep at CES show us the fancy parts of the Note II here…