CES 2013: ZAGG-iFrogz leaps into gaming

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CES 2013: ZAGG-iFrogz leaps into gaming

On Tuesday Jan. 8 2013, Zagg, well known for their InvisibleSHIELD, announced at CES that they will enter the gaming arena with their new gaming line, Caliber. The line will sport a selection of gaming headsets and their headliner product that day, the Caliber Advantage. The Caliber Advantage is a gaming controller disguised as an iPhone case! Or is it an iPhone case disguised as a controller? Either way, ifrogz presented a controller-case that works with the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. “The Caliber Advantage uses customized technology designed in collaboration with Electronic Arts (EA), Epic Games, ChAIR, and Unreal Engine 3 to provide the ultimate gaming experience.” – iFrogz†

The Caliber Advantage is a slim iPhone case, considering that the game controls slide out from the back. Those controls consist of 2 Analog sticks, a D-Pad, 4 front-facing buttons and 2 triggers. Once the controls slide out from behind the back, the part of the case that holds the phone rotates. This allows you to hold the controller case like a traditional controller, even if the game you are playing only displays in portrait mode (iFrogz’s trailer demonstrates this well below). The case-controller has a rechargeable battery that supports 10 hours of gameplay and an out-of-the-way headphone port.

They showed us some basic demos on the CES floor, one tetris clone and an empty 3D medieval times world to show the effectiveness of their dual analogs. Release date is purposely withheld since they are waiting for titles to be created (with the Unreal Engine for example), all banking on the results of the GDC, a developer conference in March 2013. They also mentioned “looking into other platforms” which hints at an Android variant. The unit is planned to sell at $69.99 retail. As we are always interested in gaming headsets, we’ll be sure to look deeper into their collection of Caliber headsets.

Until then, enjoy their Caliber Advantage trailer…

† Source: iFrogz Press Release