CES 2013: Beats Executive Over Ear Headphone and Beats Pill Review

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CES 2013: Beats Executive Over Ear Headphone and Beats Pill Review

For the longest I have been wondering what the hell is up with the Beats by Dr. Dre™ headphones. I didn’t even realize that they made speakers too. I see the commercials. I see celebrities sporting them. I see them on the train. I even see the Beats logo on my phone.

It’s freaking everywhere!

So, what’s the deal? Are they really this amazing pair of headphones that would ultimately change my life? Is there something I’m missing?

After CES 2013, I was given the opportunity to play around with the Beats Executive™ Over Ear Headphone and Beats Pill from the comfort of my own home†. Below are my thoughts about each product. One I absolutely loved and the other I see it’s benefits but didn’t honestly fall in love.

The Executive™ Over Ear Headphone


● The Design

The Executive™ Over Ear Headphone is targeted for the business oriented bunch but more specifically an audiophile. “[The headphones] are designed to take you from the boardroom to the tarmac and everywhere in between” and just from the look and feel, you can tell that these are not your ordinary Beats Headphone. They aren’t brightly colored. They don’t necessarily call attention to themselves.

From the lavish leather cushions to the sleek aluminum body, the Executive™ is clearly a luxury. They comfortably engulf your ears within the sumptuous leather. In fact, they are pretty sturdy and conveniently collapse to fit into the hard shell carrying case that is included. To be honest, I didn’t really care for the case but I did love that they were able to collapse to fit into my smaller handbags.

They use two AAA batteries, which are also included, and are housed in a magnetized battery compartment which is pretty neat. The problem I used to have with any headset that had hinges for the battery compartment was the fact that after tons of opening and closing the hinges would fall off. Having a magnetized compartment totally eliminates this possible issue.

Also included are two audio cables: one regular 3.5mm audio cable and another with an Apple remote microphone in-line cable. This means that the controls will only work with Apple devices, no matter what anyone tells you. Both cables plug into a headset jack found on one of the ear cushions which means you don’t have to worry about wrapping the cable around the entire headset as well as if your cable goes bad, you could probably purchase a replacement.

The only issue I had was that the headphones would slip around whenever they weren’t adjusted properly. At first I thought that the headphones were getting heavy on me but then I realized that they weren’t fitted properly for my head. The heaviness was an annoying feeling so be sure that the headphones are properly adjusted before using them.

● The Sound

Both phone calls and music sounded amazing with the Executive™ Over Ear Headphone. Can’t really complain about that but the highlighting feature was the noise cancelling. They are excellent at blocking all sorts of noises like gossiping co-workers, inaudible train announcements and even break dancing kids. These are amazing for blocking out any noise that may interrupt whatever you’re doing and allow you to focus on the music and the task you’re trying to accomplish. The only drawback is that they are battery powered since it uses the battery to provide the noise cancellation. Therefore, you’ll have to carry around a backup pair of batteries just in case you run out of juice on the road.

● The Cost

The Executive™ headphone are available directly through BeatsByDre.com for $299.95 which is comparable to many other noise cancelling headphones.

● The Bottomline

If you are in the market for some noise cancelling headphones and don’t care about price, I’d highly recommend the Executive™ headphone to you. They are clearly for the audiophile seeking a sleek and lightweight headphone that screams luxury. They are lightweight, compact and sexy looking.




Beats by Dr. Dre™ Pill


● The Design

Good things do come in small packages.

The Beats by Dr. Dre™ Pill is a compact and lightweight speaker that allows you to easily sync and listen to your music on almost any bluetooth enabled device. But it doesn’t stop there, you’re also able to tap to pair any NFC enabled device as well as use the internal microphone to answer or conduct the best sounding phone calls ever. It is capable to fill the entire room with a rich sound that you would normally think was coming from a much larger and more expensive sound bar or system. This pill packs a punch!

Plus, if you happen to have a device that isn’t bluetooth enabled, the Beats by Dr. Dre™ Pill also features an auxiliary input and comes with an additional audio cable that allows you to connect the device to the speaker.

The pill charges via a USB 2.0 charging cable and AC power adapter and conveniently fits into it’s carrying case, which is also included.

● The Sound

The Beats by Dr. Dre™ Pill sounds amazing and I was amazed at just how loud the speakers can get. Like I stated earlier, the pill is capable of filling the room with awesome sound. The only drawback comes when the sound is set too high. The sound of whatever you are playing through the pill gets distorted, especially when they are bass heavy. It’s something I think not too many people are going to do but I had to. I am reviewing them after all!

● The Cost

The Beats by Dr. Dre™ Pill cost $199.95 and are available online.

● The Bottomline

I freaking love this pill. The sound quality and ease of pairing alone is huge pluses. In a matter of seconds, you can pair a device and instantly have an amazing listening experience. I seriously love this. Must buy myself one.


† This review contains my thoughts after three weeks of extensive testing afterwards the products were returned.