Audiofly™ AF240 Headphone Review

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Audiofly™ AF240 Headphone Review


AF240 Bag-LR

So what are you getting for $250? The quality of all of the components that come with the AF240 screams “premium quality.” The AF240 could have been introduced alone as a flagship unit, and I would have been fine with that from what I’ve seen here. Using aluminum alloy for the self-adjusting arms allow for a sturdy device that can flexibly adapt to you while standing strong. A well-considered headband with a groove combines forces with smooth memory foam to produce a snug, yet luxurious, wearing experience.

To go as far as to reach out to CORDURA® for the sole purpose of creating a quality cable shows how much care Audiofly put into AF240‘s overall make. It is that kind of care that will help contribute to the lifespan of your headset. From what I tend to see with headphone-makers that use bags over cases, all of the effort goes into the actual unit and the carry bag comes across as an after-thought. You are expected to protect your fancy headphones with the equivalent of a silk sock. Not here. Audioflytm put a lot of effort here, and it shows that they want you protect the fruit of their efforts for a long time.

Even though single membrane 40 mm drivers sits in the AF240’s, Audiofly’s customizations still allowed sound to flourish. Premium sound exists here and the overall make of the AF240 allows you to enjoy it to the fullest extent. You may not have to shoot over $300 just to have a “premium” listening experience. If you have $250 to spend and you’re looking for something that sounds as fancy as it looks, you need to give the AF240’s a look. Audiofly’s AF240 is coming your way in the summer of 2015.

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† Review unit provided by some stock images provided by Audioflytm