Audiofly™ AF240 Headphone Review

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Audiofly™ AF240 Headphone Review

 Sound and Overall Performance


You would hope that with all the effort put (successfully) into Audiofly’s AF240 physical build, the headphone should at the very least sound good. Well, I definitely was not disappointed here. Balance is the name of the game here as the AF240’s bring you crisp highs and mids with a bass that’s both soft and full. Sung lyrics felt the strongest as they came nice and clear allowing you to give more appreciation to the vocals. The quality of the vocals were followed very closely by that of the instrumentals, which are projected vividly with the lows coming across especially well. Bass resonates and fills the headset comfortably without coming across too harshly where it would appear muddy. A very enjoyable listening experience.


That listening experience is reinforced well by the noise isolation provided by the memory foam ear cups. Advertised to isolate up to 20db of external sound, the ear cups provide more than just comfort. Isolation was well-executed with the AF240’s as outside noise was pretty much non-existent once the music starts playing. You are surrounded by sound as the ear cups wrap your ears perfectly, dissuading almost any audio interruption.

Yes, I put the carrying bag under the “Overall Performance” this time around. Carry bags are usually implemented in products instead of hard cases to help cut product costs. Bags won’t beat hard cases in the protection department, leaving much room for creativity in this regard. That said, this is not a lazily-made carry bag. The outside is of a waxed canvas, resembling denim. The inside of the bag is sort of soft and furry, protecting the AF240 from nicks and scratches from minor impacts. There’s also a little pocket for keeping the Audioflextm cable tucked neatly aside. As far as carrying bags go, this is as rough-n-tough as I’ve seen so far.

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