Audiofly™ AF240 Headphone Review

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Audiofly™ AF240 Headphone Review

Build and Feel

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The Audioflytm AF240 sports a polycarbonate (fancy plastic) build held together with aluminum alloy arms that automatically extend and retract from the headband. The headband is of leather and houses a custom-shaped memory foam band geared towards wrapping your head. The over-ear ear cups use that same memory foam for wrapping around your ears to provide up to 20db of sound isolation.

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You can see where the auto-adjusting comes into play here. These aluminum alloy arms stretch out as far as you need them to in order to achieve the perfect hold. Just place the AF240 on your head and pull the ear cups down in one fluid motion.

Audioflex Cable-LR              AudioFly_AF240_10_marked

The Audioflextm cable that connects the AF240 to your media device is braided, detachable and uses a CORDURA® fabric geared for durability. Of course, the Audioflextm cable also houses an in-line controller complete with a mic, as you would expect from almost any headset made today. The mic and controller themselves work as expected. So since voice calls came out nice and clear, there wasn’t much to dwell on there.

I tend to give points for removable cabling with headset reviews. Here with the Audioflextm cable, I almost see it as unnecessary. This is probably one of the most rugged cables I’ve seen for any headset. Sure, you can replace broken cables and protect your audio investments. However, this cable looks like it can take quite a beating before the internals actually experience damage. That is to say, I didn’t actually go out of my way to thrash the Audioflextm cable as I’m sure any serious effort can break anything. But with the slick CORDURA® fabric also combatting any potential cable-snagging, this should help the AF240 last you a long time.

This is a solid build to say the least. Even though it’s made to be more affordable than its flagship sibling, the AF240 feels more complete than scaled-down. The AF240 plops right into place as soon as you pull the unit onto your head. The combination of memory foam from both the headband and ear cups maintains a very sturdy grip throughout. The memory foam gives away just enough to keep the headset from actually feeling tight. Also, there was no pinching experienced when I wore these with glasses. Comfort achieved.

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