CES 2017: Swiftpoint Showcases CES Award-Winning Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse

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CES 2017: Swiftpoint Showcases CES Award-Winning Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse

Back in 2015, we reviewed the Swiftpoint GT, a mouse with touch gestures introduced to us at CES. Not only was it a unique innovation in ergonomics for such a small mouse, but it allowed for the utilization of touchscreen controls without having to reach towards the screen. Subtle tilts allowed for seamless transition between basic mouse and touchscreen controls, giving the Swiftpoint GT an edge in computing scenarios where space is scarce. Now, what if Swiftpoint were to expand on the mouse-tilting concept, adding a gaming grade optical sensor, a motion sensor, and pressure sensitive buttons? You then have yourself a new gaming application in the form of the Swiftpoint Z, Swiftpoint’s new gaming mouse.

Having seen and loved what they accomplished with simple mouse tilts, we couldn’t wait to see what new innovations Swiftpoint included in their dip into the gaming market. Once we visited their booth at CES, we were not disappointed.

At the core, the Swiftpoint Z is a right-hand oriented mouse which uses a Pixart PMW3360 optical sensor, capable of up to 12000 DPI of tracking. It sports a braided cable to combat wire tangling and snagging, has a customizable LED logo with RBG lighting, and houses an OLED display. Counting the mouse wheel button, the Swiftpoint Z gives you 11 buttons: two thumb buttons, two side buttons for the index finger, two triggers, two “finger buttons” on top of the main left/right clicks, and main left and right click buttons with each rated for 20 million clicks.


However, the Swiftpoint Z is more than just a swiss army knife of buttons. The two main left and right click buttons are pressure sensitive, granting you analog control and allowing you to configure different actions based on how deeply you press. The finger and trigger buttons are replaceable, giving the gamer various comfort and placement options. You can customize tactile feedback so that the Swiftpoint Z can give you alerts with vibrations. And as you might have guessed, the mouse sports tilt control functionality which is perfect for in-game vehicle maneuvering.

Using easy-to-snap-on-and-off feet, you can turn the Swiftpoint Z into an all in one controller for vehicle driving or piloting. We had the chance to try out the Swiftpoint Z at Swiftpoint’s CES booth. We immediately felt and appreciated the applications of being able to control vehicles in Battlefield 4 with the Swiftpoint Z alone. Imagine controlling a fighter jet, intuitively tilting the Swiftpoint Z back as you would a control stick for tilting your airplane upward. Or consider using the pressure sensitive left and right clicks for determining how much pressure to apply to the gas pedal of your car. Ready to hop out of your vehicle? A quick slide of your thumb dislodges the “mouse tilt cradle” and you’re ready to lay your mouse flat on your desk surface for standard control.

When we reviewed the Swiftpoint GT, we only imagined the various gaming applications a larger mouse with similar functionality would allow. However, we never imagined that the Swiftpoint Z would take their newest gaming mouse concept this far. We are sure glad that they did and we are happy that they received a CES 2017 Gaming Innovation of the Year award for the Swiftpoint Z. This product is still in works so some aspects of what you see here may be changed or tweaked in the future. However, if you’re a gamer that dabbles in either first person shooters or a myriad of vehicle-based games, then you should definitely check out the Swiftpoint Z for yourself here.