Sleep is Wrong – The Art of Angryblue

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Sleep is Wrong – The Art of Angryblue

Long time Friend of the Flush and killer artist of the macabre and bizarre, Angryblue will be exhibiting his stellar art work in the great city of Denver, Colorado. Known for his toothless skulls, dead birds and massive bugs, Angryblue’s artwork is sure to strike a nerve with fans of gigposters, heavy metal, anatomy art and the twisted side of childhood fairy tales.

Sleep is Wrong: A solo exhibition by Kentucky based artist Angryblue (Justin Kamerer). This will be stuffed with rock posters and art prints. He might bring some original ink and pencil drawings with him as well.

The opening is on July 2nd at Marion Street Tattoo-Gallery in Denver, CO.

Under the ‘Angryblue’ moniker, Justin Kamerer is an illustrator that designs album art, gigposters, websites, logos, art prints, movie posters, tacos, skateboards, t-shirts, sandwiches and just about any other thing he can get his hands on. He is a self-described art whore with an unhealthy fascination for birds, teeth & typography. Sadly, he probably draws more skulls in a week than you have buried under your house.

Angryblue has worked with Conspiracy Skateboards, The Melvins, Faith No More, Built to Spill, Cult of Luna, Gwar, Genesis, Metallica, The Jesus Lizard, Isis, Big Business, Dinosaur Jr, Converge, Man Man, High on FIre, on and on and on and on…

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