Poster Class: Hispanic Batman

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Poster Class: Hispanic Batman

So, you wanna peak behind the scenes and see how a master piece is made?
Of course you do!

This July Royal Flush Magazine will be making it’s debut at the San Diego Comic Com and to commemorate the occasion we have amassed all the Hispanic Batman episodes of Flush past and added a ton more. This gigaƱte volume of Latino justice, Hispanic Batman: The Collected Archives, Vol. 1, is rude, crude and bound to get us sued but the idiot squad at RF are thrilled to bring you what just might be one of our crowning achievements.

As a companion piece to this already epic collection, The Flush has created a true master piece of illustration and screen printing, Hispanic Batman, Shift Latino Justice. Reproduced in true to life “bootlegged” beauty, this poster is sure to become a collectors piece to the Royal Flush community. Limited to 100 pieces this poster is signed and numbered by artist and printer, Steve Chanks.

Steve Chanks took the time to walk us through the creation of this icon of awesome idiocity! We hope you enjoy it.

Sketching Out The Ideas

Starting with a rough sketch for the Hispanic Batman poster. I knew I wanted to do a low rider bike with a makeshift sidecar.
Here is the updated sketch along with my rough bicycle drawings that I drew to help understand and craft the swift carrier of Hispanic justice. There are rough perspective lines in the sketch but I’ll refine them in the penciling stage.

Penciling The Artwork

After I was happy with the rough sketch I went over to Brian Ewing’s dope-ass art studio in scenic Long Island City and used his lightbox to transfer the sketch in non-repo blue pencil to a clean piece of Bristol board.
After the blue pencils are complete I begin finalizing all my lines in a regular #2 pencil. I prefer Ticonderoga pencil for their smooth and consistent line, plus they tend not to break under my heavy hand. Notice the perspective lines. I rough them out in the sketch but refine them in the tighter pencils. I try to keep them loose and approximately accurate as to not “decartoonify” the image too much.

Inking The Finished Pencils

With the pencils finished I begin inking. Note the addition of the horns and streamers to the handlebars, often times I start inking and an improvement pops into my head. Also notice that Batman’s expression has gone from a “Heeeeey” to a surly Latin “Joo dohn sayeeee.”
Inking detail. I use Faber Castell PITT Pens of varying sizes and a Japanese brush pen to do my inking. Each pen has a different line and use.
More ink progress. Note, another couple mods, the front reflector became a dope headlight and, not visible in this pic, but a front fender was added.
Inking details continued. I love the way the horn came out.
Inking is just about finished. Notice the second flag added to the back of the bike, almost another instance of adjusting and tweaking in the inking stage. Some people shun this idea but I think it keeps me interested while laboring over the inks.

At The Print Shop

Mixing up color #1. I’m looking to get a rusty, terra-cotta orange.
First color down, it’s a bit of a terra-cotta orange and will help create the fourth color when color 2 goes down.
The separation marks are in Espanol and the color choices are all wrong to make it look bootlegged.
Racking up the prints.
Oops, forgot to show you color #2. This color is a bright yellow with a hint of green and brown to age it a bit. It also needs to have about a 50% translucency to help create the gold color where it overlaps the orange.
Screening color #2. Transparent yellow worked like a charm, the gold looks… well gold.
The stack piles up on the drying rakes. Color #2 is looking sweet.
Detail to show how color #2 creates the third color, gold, when it overlays color #1.
Mixing color #3, a greenish brown.
Color #3, the line art, is down, locking up all the colors and finishing the poster.
The finished posters start to pile up, 130 in all, sorted to a 100 piece series.
Finished poster detail. 3 colors, screen printed by yours truly.
Joo like what ah-joo see? Chure joo dooo.
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