Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F” Red Carpet Interviews

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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection

The red carpet event ended in roughly 30 minutes time, then followed the main event: the screening of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F”. The audience was treated to a great pre-show which included a quick recap of the history of the characters in the movie, and of-course an awesome commentary from the actors who play them. There was a funny quiz show testing the FUNimation voice actors on who had more knowledge on the DBZ mythos. I wish more movies would do this sort of format, for I was highly entertained and it was a nice warm-up for the feature presentation.


The movie started out with a bang, I won’t go heavy on spoilers.  One thing for sure that I commend is that comparing this to Battle of the Gods, Resurrection “F” significantly has more action scenes and fights. The animation was beautiful and fluid with a mix of hand-drawn cels and CG. Most fan favorites of the Z Fighters all have their moment to shine and it felt refreshing seeing them fight again. The audio was exceptionally immersive. From the flawless voices to every bone-crunching blow amidst the action. The storytelling also ties back a lot with Battle of Gods as the awesome Beerus and Whiz are present in the film, as well as a certain Galactic Patrolman from one of Toriyama’s recent works released earlier in the year. The ending/epilogue had a great payoff, and I hope that everyone will get to enjoy the ride as much as I had.


FUNimation has done a beautiful job localizing the movie for the US.  When Dragon Ball Z movies are concerned, Resurrection “F” has become my favorite DBZ movie. If you need your Dragon Ball fix before watching the movie, you can always catch episodes at FUNimation’s website.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F” is currently in theaters for a limited engagement so catch your tickets and go see how amazing it is for yourself at