Everything You Need to Know About the Awesomest Mag Around

Part pop culture mag, part rock art carnival, part comic book, and all irreverent fun.

Royal Flush is now approaching its tenth year in publication and is read by more than 50,000 of the most serious fans of music, art, comics and rock & roll the world over. Recent issues of Royal Flush have featured cover stories with Rob Zombie, Hugh M. Hefner, Danny DeVito & the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Joan Jett, Patton Oswalt, My Chemical Romance and the Misfits. Royal Flush has generated quite a buzz with it’s provocative humor, stylish design and innovative art that stays well ahead of the curve.

In addition to sponsoring national tours, all-day festivals and concert events, in 2009 the Royal Flush Festival in debuted in NYC. The Royal Flush Festival is a 7-day celebration of art, film and rock & roll culture in multiple venues throughout NYC.

With rave reviews from The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Post, PerezHilton, AOL, Village Voice, Ain’t It Cool News, Publisher’s Weekly and Time Out New York, how can you lose with a Royal Flush???

“Cool mag alert! I need one! You need one!”
—USA Today

Royal Flush is awesome! There aren’t any magazines like it. It’s great to leave around forever because there is so much stuff to read.”
—Rob Zombie

“Here’s wishing continued success to Royal Flush Magazine!”
­—Stan Lee

“Royal Flush might be the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. This is amazing.”
—Danny DeVito

“Take the best of MAD, NATIONAL LAMPOON and SPY, throw them in a blender, and you get ROYAL FLUSH!”
—Drew Friedman

“Royal Flush is amazing, I see why it’s such a hit with the young crowd!”
—Al Jaffee, Mad Magazine

“Read Royal Flush; I did! I wish it great success!”
—Mort Drucker, Mad Magazine

“The hard work on Royal Flush definitely shows. It is pretty ridiculous with the amount of artwork that’s in there. Amazing job.”
—  Paul Romano

“Very cool book you have here in Royal Flush. I loved the comics, especially Hispanic Batman, which made me laugh out loud!”
—Ed Repka

“To say I was knocked out by it would be an understatement. Royal Flush is a fabulous piece of work!”
-Victor Miller, creator Friday 13th

“Royal Flush is such a visually stimulating magazine, I wish it luck in the future!”
-Hugh M. Hefner, Playboy

“Royal Flush is extremely well done in every way: good art, good articles and nice layout! Kudos! I wish you and your friends much success with the mag, and keep up the good work!
— Peter Bagge, famed comic artist

“Royal Flush is my new favorite magazine! Music, art, comics, and silly stuff…”
-Tara McPherson, ARTIST

“I’m impressed with the commitment and accomplishments of Royal Flush”
-Milton Glaser, Graphic Design Legend

“This is WAY better than anything me and the gang put together, this is totally amazing”
-Al Feldstein, Mad Magazine Editor 1955-1984

“We’re real psyched about Royal Flush – especially Mikey (Way) he’s freaking out about it! … With all the content you guys have – IT’S INSANE!”

“Royal Flush, espouses an ethos of “music, underground comics, stupid action films, lowbrow art and other socially uplifting subject matter.” The New Yorker this is not! But all the same, the all-stars assembled here are no laughing matter!”

“I wish they had ROYAL FLUSH when I was a kid–I would have stood in front of the mailbox waiting for it.”
-Mike Shinoda, LINKIN PARK

“Royal Flush displays more creativity in its first 25 pages (of Book 4) than most publications do in a year. The pop-culture coverage skewers everything in its path .Treat yourself to a copy of Royal Flush, and enjoy a rare reminder of just how inventive, subversive and wonderfully strange this creaky old genre can be.”
-Larry Dobrow, MEDIAPOST

“It’s damn nice to read a real rock magazine that doesn’t seem to actually be about movie stars. I guess there is still hope.”
-Art Chantry,
Graphic Design Legend

“The artwork was turning me on with it’s energy, The real payoff, though, came when I hit the comics section!”
-Ain’t it Cool News

“Royal Flush put’s the world under a microscope. UNDER A MICROSCOPE!”
-Brent Hinds, Mastodon

“RoyalFlush is awesome ! My God, what do you do, die after each issue and resurrect to repeat the process ?? There’s a shitload of stuff there – I’m falling into graphic overload !
-J.J. Sedelmaier, TV Funhouse, Ambiguously Gay Duo

“Royal flush’s ‘tude is nearly as strong as their design. And their production budget must be astronomical”

“It’s the ultimate collection of underground artwork.”
– Time Out New York

“I hereby appoint Royal Flush as the book to be whored out to all my friends and slowly destroyed by the many groping dirt hands.”
– EMag.com

“From the heart of New York City comes a new perfect-bound collection of stories that offends our sensibilities while tickling your funnybone. Good art for bad kids!”
– Cold Cut Comics

“Like Mad Magazine, but funnier and with better packaging.”